The Laws of Money – No Degree Required!

Teach your teen the Laws of Money.  The Laws of Money are those principles that you won’t find in school textbooks or courses on personal financial literacy courses.  These principles are the basic understandings that wealthy people have and people who struggle with money don’t have.  They are consistently proven true by studying the habits and attitudes of people who became wealthy by building wealth over time. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Wealthy people know how much money they have at all times.
    • The takeaway:  Keep track of your money.
  • Wealthy people think “I’ll start now.”
    • The takeaway:  There’s nothing to wait for!  Start now and take lots of little steps in the direction you want to go!
  • Wealthy people know the laws of money and follow them.
    • The takeaway:  Broke people break the laws of money.  They often don’t know enough about how money works to even realize they are breaking these laws!!
  • Wealthy people accumulated their wealth over time
    • The takeaway:  It didn’t “happen to them.”  People who are “wealthy” are people who have lives that aren’t limited by money.  That’s pretty personal.  A guy who wants to join a monastery is wealthy, in this context. 
  • Wealthy people continually learn about money.  This is a habit that is easy for teens to develop. 
    • The takeaway:  Make it a lifelong habit to read books and articles about money.  There are many interesting things to read!

Check out  It’s a great resource for your teen!

Please share other great resources you know of with the community!

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  1. Louise Mirkin says:

    5 stars!

    What a great help to teens–to adults too!

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