LEARN about money!

Start to learn about money.  Parents who try to be their teen’s sole source for money skills are preventing their teenager from learning the habit of engaging in lots of opportunities to explore.  People with great money skills have this as a life habit, and starting to practice this habit as a teen is exactly when it makes the biggest difference.

WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., offers a GREAT video/workbook program that teens LOVE!  It’s narrated by and for teens, it’s about money and their lives and their dreams, and it only takes about an hour or two to complete.  They can view the video all at once, or they can do it in parts—whatever is convenient for them.  It’s online and it’s fun!  Check it out!

At the same time, it can’t hurt to begin having your teen track their money.  Part of the learning process involves understand your teen’s current spending habits, practices, and interests.  Learn more about tracking money here

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