Teen philanthropy: Why wait?

EVERY expert in success, wealth-building, and living well tells us to give away some portion of our money (if we can). Philanthropy, say the experts, is part of living a great life. It makes us feel great about ourselves, it allows us to experience our power as citizens in our communities and in the world, it allows us to learn gratitude for what we have and compassion for others, and on and on and on. The benefits of philanthropy are profound and far-reaching.

Philanthropy has the exact same effect on teens! Let’s not deprive them of this part of life. Have you talked to your teen about what matters to him or her? What are the issues and causes that he or she wants to be involved in?

Note: Not only is this a GREAT conversation to have, but it’s also a GREAT resume builder! What about a college application essay topic?! Think about the essay called, “Why I have given 10% of all my money to such-and-such charity or cause since I was 14 years old”!!

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