Too busy to teach your teen money skills?

What a great sign!  Busy teens are involved, living life fully, exploring lots of different activities and opportunities.  I hope all busy teens grow into busy adults.

As a busy adult, how do you find time to fortify yourself, your foundation, so you have the energy to enjoy your pursuits?  I am finding that, if I don’t pay attention to the fundamentals, like nutrition, sleep, money, being quiet for some part of each day, I feel drained, worried, and depleted.  I start to say things like, “I need a vacation.  I need to get away.  I need some time for myself.”

When I consistently eat well, get enough sleep, organize my time, and manage my money, I enjoy my life much more!  It actually works better than going away on an expensive vacation and coming back to the daily grind with tons of catching up to do. Vacations are more enjoyable when I am tending to my foundation.

Let’s be sure to teach our teens how to have a solid foundation so they can love their lives!

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