The path that brought me here

Why do I teach money skills to teens?  It all started, actually, as a way to teach my students to make better grades. 

When I talk about improving grades, I can expect my students’ eyes to glaze over almost immediately.  Pencils start to spin around fingers, phones appear in their laps for texting, shoulders slump…you get the picture. 

But when I talk about money?  EVERY ONE of my students perk up!  Their disbelief is palpable—an adult is actually going to talk to them about life and how to have a great one!  With their attention on money, I can actually talk to them about achieving success in ALL the areas of life that matter.

The same skills are involved:

  • Having the confidence to set high goals
  • Learning and practicing strategies for reaching goals that work for you
  • Getting organized
  • Giving time and attention, on a consistent basis
  • Being resourceful
  • Asking for help
  • Engaging in lots of opportunities  to explore ways to reach your goals
  • Picking friends who are going in the same direction as you
  • Sticking with it

It’s the same with grades, health, sports, friends, and all areas of life that matter to teens. 

That’s why I am so passionate about teen financial literacy. 

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  1. This is a great point. Learning how to be responsible with money is not a separate issue, it’s connected and integral to so many other facets of life. It can be viewed as one more way to have a great life (like taking care of your health is a component of having a great life). If we all talk about it more we can take the mystery, shame, and misunderstanding out of the conversation…imagine what we could create as a society!

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