Wealth and teens: Is it about greed?

The words “wealth” and “rich” and even “money” seem to have all kinds of craziness attached to them! You’d think someone said SEX or something! Sometimes it may feel like it’s more comfortable for us to avoid the subject with our teens than to make it a normal topic of conversation that’s fun and easy to have.

Let’s teach our teens some healthy, wholesome ideas about money:

  1. Money allows us to have the lives we want.
  2. Money allows us to make a difference in the world—to participate in a powerful way in making life and the planet better for everyone.
  3. The way we are with our money SHOWS who we are—what’s important to us, who’s important to us, and how we feel about ourselves.

There is a flipside to these ideas, too:

  1.  When we don’t manage our money skillfully, we CAN’T have the lives we want.
  2. When we don’t contribute money to causes we care about, our ability to engage in the improvement of life for everyone is compromised.  Our ability to be part of the solution is compromised.  We become cynical and self-centered.
  3. When we don’t manage our money skillfully, we learn to feel limited in our ability to make our dreams come true.  This affects our self-image in a significant way.

Let’s give our teens the right ideas about money!

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  1. As adults, it’s important to watch the language we use when we talk about money. I grew up with money messages that weren’t very empowering. Although I went to an Ivy League school and got a great education (thanks to scholarships), I wasn’t powerful with money and at times found it very difficult to earn. I’ve spent many years working through all this stuff, but what a gift to have had empowering money messages from a young age! Kids are picking up on what we say (or what we don’t talk about). Let’s give them positive and empowering language from the start.

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