The whole depends on its parts

Let’s take the “haphazard” out of our teens’ money management habits!  Many of us learned our money habits piecemeal, rather than as a whole system with all parts working together.  As a teenager, when the occasion arose to contribute to charity, I sometimes donated some of my own money.  When I wanted to save for something expensive, I would put all my money toward that thing until I bought it.  When I needed to buy something and I had enough money, I bought it.

Does that sound familiar?  The problem is, with this system, we don’t ever learn to make all the parts work at the same time.

In the WealthQuest for Teens Online video, teens learn the Silo System.  They learn to design a whole money management strategy that is organized around their needs, wants, dreams, and commitments. 

Teens (and adults!) who learn this system LOVE how it feels to use money as a tool for funding the life they design for themselves.

Check it out, along with the QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens, on our website at

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