Does this sound like anyone you know?

Top 15 excuses parents use to avoid teaching their teens money skills:

  1.   My teen is too busy.
  2.   I’m too busy.
  3.   I don’t want to invest my time or money to provide this education to my teen.
  4.   My teen already knows how to save his money, so he’s all set.
  5.   My teen doesn’t have enough money to need to learn how to manage it.
  6.   My teen is too young to worry about money.
  7.   My teen doesn’t have good math skills.
  8.   My teen doesn’t care about money skills.
  9.   I don’t care about managing money well.
  10.   My teen is learning enough about money from me.
  11.   I’m not comfortable talking about money.  It’s a sensitive subject.  Shhh…
  12.   No one else that I know is teaching money skills to their teens.
  13.   My teen will learn about it when she’s an adult, just like I did.
  14.   I don’t know about any way to teach money skills, so I won’t find out about programs (like our online video, narrated by and for teens!) that will be effective.
  15.  I’m too suspicious about programs that claim to teach money skills.  I think they’re all junk, like the “get rich quick” programs I see being promoted on TV.

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  1. Children are good at excuses because parents allow them. If the parents are constantly making excuses, the children learn from that too. Children are very observant and learn from adults.


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