Which path will they take?

“Money management?  What a pain!  Why should I bother?”

When my students ask me this, I point out that being BROKE is a pain, too!  So, you can have the pain of managing your money (and have the life you’ll get from that—security, peace of mind, opportunity) OR you can have the pain of being broke.

Which will your teen decide?

12 year old Nina Penzo (daughter of financial responsibility blogger Len Penzo) has decided to take the path of responsibility.  Read her story of how she saves money and gets what she wants!

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  1. Great analogy. Good things take work and kids need to learn that. Making the effort to manage your finances properly can really pay off.

  2. Children are very observant and will follow what they see adults do. If the parents do the right things, children will follow.

  3. It’s great to address this during the teen years, when kids are learning so much and are expecting to make big changes in their lives in the coming years. Teens likely aren’t as locked into ways of thinking about things yet…sometimes adults have been doing things for so long that it becomes normal (even if it is something painful, like struggling with money) and harder for us to think of changing.

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