December is ‘International Teach Your Teens to Manage Their Money’ Month!

Today, WealthQuest for Teens is going all out!  We are declaring December as ‘International Teach Your Teens to Manage Their Money’ Month!  Let’s spread the word far and wide.  Please forward this blog to every parent of every teen you know!  Then forward it to everyone you know who teaches personal finances. This month, let’s make THREE things happen:

  1. Comment on this blog and declare yourself as a parent or leader committed to teaching teens great money skills!
  2. Guide the teens in your life to give 10% of all gifts and earnings this month to a cause they care about.
      • Check out if you need ideas or a way to make this happen.
  3. Provide the teens in your life with one book, DVD, or online video about money, money habits, and money attitudes.  Check out our recommended resources here.  Write to us and tell us about other great resources we can add to this list.
      • Bonus Opportunity:  Follow up with a great conversation by asking them “What are your life goals and dreams?  What role does money play in achieving these goals and dreams? What habits and attitudes do you think you need to afford the life you want?  And, if not now, then when?”

Our goal is 10,000 pledges.  Help us change this world in this way by posting this article on your Facebook page, to your LinkedIn groups and connections, Tweeting it, and pledging your commitment by voting on our poll located in the left side bar.  Share it with your PTO, your church/synagogue/mosque, your friends, your local community.  

© WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., 2011 All rights reserved worldwide.


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