The Zen of Teaching Your Teen Money Skills: Finding Inner Peace While Your Teen Learns to Think about and Manage Money Well

Teaching your teen great money skills isn’t hard?  It isn’t a lot of work?  It doesn’t require expertise in money management?

No…it doesn’t.  What’s really hard is:

  • Pretending, hoping, wishing, and dreaming that your teen will be fine without money management skills.
  • Pushing important parenting tasks under the rug.  This takes a lot of energy.
  • Trying to do it yourself (exhausting!).
  • Worrying that your teen won’t have the skills he/she needs to make it in life.

However, (trumpets, please) even when lots and lots of parents aren’t teaching this to their children, being part of the community of parents who are will be a source of strength, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

And it all starts with a conversation.  And another one.  And another one.  Good things come out of good conversation.  Not-so-good things come out of not-so-good conversations.

And where there is NO conversation, more of the past shows up.  Over and over.  The past… and more of the past. You can bet your bottom dollar that your teen’s past with money will show up over and over until he or she has a good conversation with SOMEONE at SOME POINT.  Why not make it now…with you…and make something great happen.

So, start with a great conversation with your teen.  Make it real, make it matter, make it last. 

Please comment here to share your ideas and success stories of taking that first step!

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  1. I totally agree…it’s a matter of where we put our energy, and the preventative, empowering type of money lessons that you are proposing can help young people avoid years of sorting through disempowering (or lacking) money conversations.

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