Our Leader/Affiliate Program

Bonus Opportunity for Parents and Community Leaders!

As long as money and money skills are a taboo subject, we are all fighting the tide.  Imagine how much more effective this education will be if your teen’s friends are participating, too.  When positive money habits and attitudes become a peer-group issue, EVERYONE benefits.  Teens learn best when they are learning together.

Join the movement by becoming a Leader or Affiliate!


Imagine how much more powerful it becomes when the other parents of teens who you know are involved, also.  This is how you can create the ideal environment for your teen to grow and thrive in this area of life.  We are looking for Leaders to join the movement and spread the word.  It’s as simple as telling our stories to other parents of teens, mentioning it on a message board, or sharing your story in a parent’s group.  Help to break down the barriers and create new ways to make this happen!  This won’t happen without thousands of people leading the way.

Affiliate Partners

If you are inspired to take on this challenge at an even higher level, you can join WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., as an Affiliate Partner and bring this education to many, many people.  Even better, make a profit while you help the movement grow!  We welcome leaders who can help shape the next line of products we develop.  We offer competitive commission rates, and provide you with materials, weblinks, strategies, and opportunities to share successes and explore new ways to reach this goal.

None of us can do this alone, but we definitely CAN do it together.

Please let us know of your interest through the Contact Us page by clicking here.


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