Products for Parents and Teens


Our Own Programs and Products

WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., currently the following programs and products:

1. Online Video and Workbook Basic Seminar for Teens
2. QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens:  Making Your Money Work Now AND For the  Rest of Your Life
3. Parent Guide eBook: Your Teen’s Financial Literacy in Today’s Economy:  Making It Real, Making It Matter,Making It Last
4. Join the Movement:  Leadership and Affiliate Program for Parents and Educators

In addition, we recommend many products and resources that complement our approach to teen financial literacy.  Please read below for some detailed information about each of these offerings: 

Basic Seminar:  Online Video and Workbook for Teens (ages 14-19) 

$29.99 Introductory Price

This well-researched and intricately designed program teaches you to think about and organize your money so it works for you now AND for the rest of your life.

The online video is UNIQUE and FUN!
• Narrated by and for teens
• Funny, engaging, interactive—you won’t just sit there and watch…
• Self-paced—The 7 parts of the program can be done at your convenience
• Quick—Takes an hour or two to complete (and the benefits last a lifetime!)
• Full of activities and concepts that are challenging, personal, and relevant to you and your life so that you can organize, earn, save, spend, invest, and donate your money so you can have the life YOU want

QuickStart Guide eBook for Teens:  Companion eBook to the Basic Seminar

$7.99 Introductory Price

After you complete the online video program and learn about the habits and attitudes of building wealth, complete this QuickStart Guide of 30 activities to explore and implement them in your life NOW.  Great money skills are the result of lots of little steps taken over time.  This companion eBook to the Basic Seminar jump starts your journey.

Parent Guide eBook:  Your Teen’s Financial Literacy in Today’s Economy:  Making It Real, Making It Matter, Making It Last, by Jill Suskind

$7.99 Introductory Price

For parents of teens who are completing the Basic Seminar online video/workbook and QuickStart eBook.  This research-based 7-chapter guidebook
• explores the problems parents face in teaching teens great money habits and attitudes,
• presents the New Model, a proven, effective approach to parenting in this critical area of life, and
• provides explanation and rationale for the Basic Seminar program.
Learn exactly how to support your teen to implement the skills they are gaining and how to recognize your success.

Our Leader/Affiliate Program

Learn more about our Leader and Affiliate Program here.


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