Meet Our Growing Team!

Core Team

Jill Suskind, Owner, President

Read all about Jill in the ‘About Jill‘ section!

Jennifer Thomas, Social Media Marketing Director

“I am a parent who believes that this cause is necessary to instill the confidence, interest, and know-how that our children require to become responsible, successful adults.  I am glad that Jill has taken the reins on what can sometimes be an awkward and challenging topic, and has provided families everywhere with an easy, interactive, FUN solution!  I only wish that WealthQuest for Teens existed during my teen (and even college) years!”

Lynne Richardson, Affiliate Sales Manager

“I am a business owner and mother of two extraordinary people who will one day make a profound difference in the world.  The most rewarding part of being a parent is seeing the impact I am able to have on my own children so that they can fulfill on all of their dreams with ease.  The WealthQuest for Teens program has opened up a new and fun dialogue in our home about money, responsibility, saving, spending, goals, dreams and giving back.  I am excited about sharing this with parents everywhere so that we can not only be responsible for the well being of our own teens, but also for the future of our country.  We can make that sort of difference through the WealthQuest for Teens program.”

Tim Webb, Website Developer

Sam Schauer, Techie Intern at Washington University


Tad Anderson, MN

“There are countless families out there, wanting and needing to develop a dialogue between Mom and Dad and their teen(s) about money; about saving money, allocating money, and spending money.  It may be a challenging conversation to begin, but I believe Wealth Quest For Teens will make the process more discussable, more engaging for our teens, and in the end, make the use of money, a more understandable language.  Maybe even a topic that’s fun to discuss!”

Amy Heine, MA

Eileen P. Muehlbauer, RI

Robin Rapagna, MA


Sarah Slayton, MA


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