Teen Money Tips

Money Tip #1: Think about and organize your money so it’s a tool for having the life you love. 

Money Tip #2:  If you manage your money well, you WILL have more and do more of what you love.  It’s NOT all about “getting more money”. 

Money Tips #3:  Think about and manage your money the way wealthy people do.  They got wealthy this way–they didn’t WAIT until they had a lot of money before they started to manage it well. 

Money Tip #4: Track your money.  One day a week, or one day a month, or whatever you want–YOU decide how often!  Start a notebook and write down ALL the money you have and where it is (bank, jeans’ pocket, bookbag, etc.). That’s your first entry. 

(c) WealthQuest for Teens, Ltd., 2011 All rights reserved worldwide.


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