Related Blogs We Love

MoneyTrail:  Money Management for Teens and Families

MoneyTrail is a free, online allowance and money management system for kids, teens and families. This highly recommend resource helps parents and teens track the back and forth nature of allowances and IOUs.

My University Money

For high school students preparing for college, for college students, and for parents preparing to send their children to college…

Prairie Eco Thrifter

This blog shares tips on how to go green, live sustainable, manage money well, and live healthy.

The Jenny Pincher

For smart, single women overcoming debt and building wealth.

My Money Methods

Dale’s mission is to help you discover and eliminate the obstacles that keep you from getting ahead financially.

Jay Sanders, CPA:  Life on the Curve–How to Make Good Money Decisions

As a personal financial planner and high school financial literacy advocate, Jay breaks it down for us “real” people.  He recommends and provides highly reliable resources for parents and teens.

Get Rich Slowly:  Personal Finance that Makes Cents

Great posts about money matters; something for everyone

Darren Hardy’s Blog

A great source of inspiration, motivation, and personal power

Ask Liz Weston Personal Finance Columnist

Prolific book author and award-winning, nationally-syndicated personal finance columnist on the topic of money.


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