Related Resources for Parents

Related Research

Steven Bahls, President of Augustana College of Rock Island, IL, considers

“Our graduates can’t create wealth and jobs if they don’t have the ability to balance a checkbook, or the skills to hold a job. . . .Why then do so many recent graduates seem unable to demonstrate sound decision-making in an area as fundamental as finances and entering the work world?  Is it possible that in our efforts to foster creative and critical problem solving, we neglect the basics of responsible day-to-day living and working? As we carefully engage students in discerning shades of gray, is it at the expense of black and white?”

Charles Schwab 2010 Families and Money Survey reveals

Parents of young adult kids “believe there are several areas of personal financial where their kids need to improve:

The topic three mentioned were how to stick to a budget and live within their means (48%), how to save money (42%), and how to invest money wisely (33%).”


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