“My 16 year old did this program and it really has him thinking about his money.  He works 2 part time jobs and  recently opened a checking account, a savings account  and most recently an IRA.  It’s so exciting to see him taking control of his money.  I feel good as a parent introducing the program to him and seeing him be responsible with his money makes me happy. It’s also made me work on my own finances.  Thanks WealthQuest!”

Sarah Slayton
Plymouth, MA

“I am so grateful for finding the WQFT program. I always knew that my role as a parent was to keep my children safe, fed and clothed, but until now, I never thought about my responsibility to help them become effective with money.  Interestingly, because of my own lack of skill in this area, I never felt confident in teaching money skills until doing the WQFT program.  I was really excited to share the program with my son, and it led to some wonderful conversations, which has put him in action on building wealth for his future.  I was shocked at how quickly he got hooked on doing the program and how interested he was in the subject.  I feel like such a great mom for providing these useful life skills to my son now so that he can have the life of his dreams and make a difference in the world with his wealth (equally as important as keeping him safe, fed and clothed).  I wish something like this was available when I was a teenager because it would have saved me a lot of suffering over money!”

Lynne Richardson
Plymouth, MA

“I was never taught how to properly handle my money, and I would never blame anyone but myself. I have since taken charge of my financial issues and have cleared a lot of my debt, but I could not have done it without WealthQuest for Teens Basic Seminar.  It has taught me to organize and prioritize my money, and now I can save and spend responsibly.  I could not explain to you how much I wish a program like WealthQuest for Teens was around when I was becoming a young adult.  WealthQuest for Teens teaches how to properly handle and prioritize money so we . . . are not left ask ourselves, “Where has all my money gone?”

Vanessa Whitton, age 19
WealthQuest for Teens graduate, 2009

“WealthQuest for Teens Basic Seminar presents an effective approach to money management that all teens should be exposed to.  This exciting program is more comprehensive than just teaching “budgeting” and “saving for one thing at a time”. With this education, teens gain the skills that will empower them to be in control of their finances as adults. ”

Robert S. Fineman, P.C.
Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors, Norwood, MA

“I just want to thank you again for the fantastic training. I had a chance to talk to staff and teens afterwards and heard only good things. I think what they liked most about your training was that you introduced new ideas and conversation. It wasn’t the usual…open a savings account at our bank.

They gained new knowledge, they felt that they could implement some small next steps, and they were inspired. And they talked about it!! They talked with each other, and they also told some of our other teens about the great training…creating quite a buzz for you and your business!!

Thank you, Jill. My staff and I are always thrilled when the teens get an exceptional training and they walk away talking about it. And they were a happy bunch. These are teens who were in school all day, and then showed up at YES for a 3 hour training!! That they left smiling is a thumbs-up to you and your WealthQuest program.”

Jane Leung
Youth Essential Services, Boston, MA

“As a nationally known parent-teen expert, I believe financial literacy is one of the primary responsibilities of a parent to offer their children in preparation for adulthood.  WealthQuest for Teens delivers an innovative training experience online that teens need for developing a savvy mindset toward money and its role in life.”

Barbara McRae, MCC
Bestselling author of Coach Your Teen to Success

“As a financial coach and speaker empowering adults with their money mindset and money management skills, I recognize the WealthQuest for Teens Basic Seminar is clearly a desperately needed resource in our country. This engaging, interactive and fun program prepares teens to see the value of personal financial responsibility and enjoy their interactions with money at an early age.  The concepts in this program prevent young adults from the common mistakes people make in adulthood.  This program has the potential to change millions of lives at a crucial time in their development—when teens are establishing their life-long habits and attitudes toward money—ultimately affecting their effectiveness and comfort level with money forever.”

Belinda Fuchs, CPA
Wealth Coach and President,



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